Friday, April 7, 2017

Five Fandom Friday: Favorite Sequels

March had some fun Fandom Friday prompts but like always, I wasn't prepared and didn't have any ready to go while on vacation. But the real fun is sometimes you don't have to follow the schedule and just post your answers whenever you want. The prompt was Favorite Sequels and it's open to so many different topics. Your favorite game sequels, books, I consider seasons beyond the first as sequels, there was such a possibility but of course I went films.

I'm here today to share my favorite film sequels.


Out of all the Alien films, ALIENS is by far the best sequel ever. Heck, I think it's one of the best sequels ever made. (Fight me!!) Ripley is back and she along with a military team fly over to LV-426 to take on possible Xenomorphs and when they discover ya no, there really are Xenomorphs it's just non stop action. The writing is top notch and this is one of the few films that make me love just about all the characters from goofy Hudson, slim ball Burke, and of course Newt.

2. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

Did you really think I wouldn't throw a Star Wars film on this list. Out of all the films, ESB is absolute hands down the best. It's one of the few films where the bad guy wins and everything that could go wrong for the heroes did. Sometimes I need that kind of film where the heroes fail. There is some great battles (HOTH!), my favorite fictional animals are around, the biggest revel ever, and those famous words between my most love Princess and Scoundrel.

3. Gremlins 2 : The New Batch

It is the worst best sequel ever. Gremlins was a true to form creature horror film but not rated R. The monsters were scary and nasty, the "deaths" were funny, and that ending was just disgusting. So when Gremlins 2 came out, it took a 180 and was something completely different. It was comical, it had a musical, it had weird Gremlins that could talk, become spiders, googly eyes. It was the best sequel that could come out of that series.

Granted there are only two films but still... A++ man. The best.

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

One of the best Terminator films ever. The first one was great but the second one just took things further with the story, the idea, the characters, and heck giving us such a strong female character in Sarah. She started off in the first one running, scared, not really understanding but at the same time you couldn't blame her to being this women ready to take on the machines. I'm kinda said they let Sarah just fall off and keep making these terrible sequels about her son that were just not the best.

I did see the most recent film but something was missing with this newest Sarah character.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I know the first four films were direct sequels but for this one, I'm skipping the second film and going to the third one in the series. A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite horror film series ever and the third film is the best of them all. Dream Warriors is about the final children of Elm Street being held in a hospital and this being the final end all of this dream monster attacking the children. Of course the 6th film completely changed that outcome and everything got shifted.

What are some of your favorite sequels? Throw them at me! Movies, Games, Books, whatever! I'm always down to discover new things!!

Have a great weekend!!


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