One is a Lonely Number

Okay, not all the time.

Let's chat about doing things solo. It's a thing I did when I went to Orlando by myself for Star Wars Celebration / Disney World. Jaime wasn't able to afford the trip and I couldn't pay for his portion as much as I wanted to.

So it was either miss the con because I couldn't find a travel buddy or go by myself. As you noticed, I went.

The awesome thing about going to cons is that you're not truly by yourself. I ran into so many folks that I know and I was able to hang out with them here and there. I had line buddies as I waited for the Ashley Eckstein signing at the Hallmark booth. I had friends that ended up also buying tickets to Galactic Nights at WDW and invited me with them. As I waited in lines to do something, buy something, see something, folks I knew would stop by and say hi to me / chat.

Attending Geek Go Glam @ SDCC by myself 

There is also NOTHING wrong with wanting to do things alone. I didn't have to worry about my travel buddy feelings if they wanted to be at a panel I didn't want to or being at one I wanted to be at. I didn't have to worry about running off and losing each other because "oh man, the Hasbro line is short let me get in there." And the most important thing - I could eat where ever I want. If this girl wanted Dunkin Donuts for dinner, she was having it.

When I was younger, I would get the occasional, "You went to the movies alone?" because yes, I would go alone. It would be something for me in the chaos of the day. A treat for myself. Something I deserve.

The last few years, I haven't noticed those comments because I always had Jaime with me (for any new readers, he's the boyfriend) and it was all fun and dandy. He has a daughter though who is now a teenager and her mother decided to up root her and move her to another state. So plane tickets for him to fly her back and forth get expensive. That also means he has higher and different priorities. I respect that and I knew that going into our relationship. That also doesn't mean that I will stop going to places if he can't. He also knows better than to tell me NO. So with that, I went to my first solo trip to Orlando and that's when I noticed the comments.

Star Wars Light Side 5K at Disneyland on my own!

My hotel's restaurant was the main place where I saw the looks and comments. They had eight dollar breakfast buffet and well, yea for 8 bucks! I would walk in a say table for one. The first person did a double take and asked if I was sure. I got seated at a table for four because you know, Orlando meant Disney World and Disney World means families. That was an ongoing thing for 4 days straight. My favorite one was asking what I and my companion wanted to drink. Nope, just me and I want a sweet tea damn it.

The con wasn't too bad but it did happen. I was roaming a booth just taking it in. It's a thing I do before I jump in to see what they had and I had a guy ask me if I was waiting for my boyfriend/husband. Sigh. Nope, I'm looking around for me. I had a dealer ask me if I got dragged here by my boyfriend. Nope, just me. I'm the one who dragged myself.

"You came alone?"

I ignored him and made a note not to buy anything from him. I also had one dealer tell me the vintage ANH and ESB pillow cases were 15 bucks but when I went back and saw a 2nd person manning the table I asked for deal and was told that the pillow cases weren't 15 but 5. They sold most of them anyways and at that point, I didn't want to buy them after that conversation.

My very first PAX and asking strangers to take my photo made for some interesting pictures. 

So yea, why is that tough to understand going solo? It's not hurting anyone and I believe as long as you are careful, you will be okay. I mean anything can happen to you either alone or with someone but I'm not out here being stupid. If I waited for friends to come up with money, waited for people who like the same things I like, just waited - I'd get no where.

Also, I'm part of the bad adult choices club and I sometimes travel while broke. Life is short man.

So yea, if you've been thinking about going somewhere but don't want to do it alone, go for it. If you wait around for someone, you may be waiting a bit. Yes, it's awesome to do things with friends but sometimes, they just can't and that shouldn't stop you from experiencing it.

Even if it's to the movies, a solo dinner at a new restaurant, or a trip to a con. It's okay to experience these things alone.

A trip to Disneyland by yourself is the best thing ever!!

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise or make you feel bad for saying "For one."

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