RunDisney Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon

Ending my RunDisney Star Wars Light Side recaps with the Half Marathon.

What was I thinking? Oh. I wasn't.

I've only ran 10K or less. Never more. I never had plans to enter the RunDisney Half Marathons because I'm not doing 13.1 miles and I usually headed home on Sundays. When they showed off the medals for the half, my crazy self decided I needed to do it.

The medal was a spinner and it had the medal of Yavin and on the other side it had Han Solo and Leia Organa.

I wanted it.

Now the thing with RunDisney races, as along as you start the race you will get the medal. Not many people think it's fair. If you don't finish the race though and are going for the Coast 2 Coast or that specific race challenge medal, you don't get those.

So I trained for a good year. I ran as often as I could for as many miles as I could. I was ready!

So Sunday morning I woke up, got dressed in my Leia theme running outfit and made my way back over to the starting line. I was in the second to last group and I waited and waited. Finally it was my groups turn and we were off. The start of the half is just like the 5k and 10k. You make your way through both parks, get photos, and than at mile 6 you head out to the streets of Anaheim.

Before I get to the part, I want to say I finally got my photo with C-3PO and R2-D2!! Either there weren't many folks signed up for the half (I believe it didn't sell out) or people were to scared of getting picked up and not finishing the lines were short. I took advantage of that and I got photos!!

I got photos with R2, BB-8, Sabine and Ezra, and Stormtroopers. I skipped Chewie and Darth Vader again because they are in the parks. I was so excited to get my photos.

So once we left the parks, we were running the streets of Anaheim and it was boring as all heck. I mean, folks were out there cheering us on. Cheerleaders, band members, even the 501st was out there but when there was no one, it was boring. Thankfully I had my phone to hear music but yea the half at Disneyland is not my cup of tea.

Also, I almost got picked up and not finish the race. You know how I said above I was ready, that was a lie. You see, I trained for miles but I didn't train for back to back MILES. 5K, 10K, and a half three days in a row is killer on your body and I destroyed mine.

I had to stop and use the bathroom. They have porta potty out on the streets of course but being in the last group of runners, those things are not clean by the time you given in to use it and I had a tutu on. I was at mile 7 or 8 at this point.

Long story short, I took too long and when I got out I was told by officials that I was behind the ballon ladies.

The balloon ladies are the race pacers so if you are behind them you are not keeping up the pace. I ran. I ran like I was told there was dole whip at the other end. I round the corner and I see the Death Star balloons. I'm still running. I'm sprinting at this point. I see the guys on bikes starting to line up and the shuttle buses appear. Once the bikes make a chain, you are done.

I ran passed the balloon ladies, the guys on bikes, and I kept running.

And I kept going like there was dole whip at the end with my medal. I kept going and I finished the race.

I think I clocked in at 3 hours but  I FINISHED MY FIRST HALF MARATHON.

I got my Leia medal and I was so happy!!

I swore I would never do another half but I really want the Millennium Falcon medal. The only way to get it is do and finish the Light Side Half in Disneyland and the Dark Side Half in Walt Disney World.

I think I'm going to hold off and do that has a 40th Birthday present to myself. If you do a race in each park, you also get another medal... the coast to coast. They also started doing events in Disneyland Paris and doing that one gets you the Castle to Chateau medal. I do wanna go back and visit Paris.

It was a fun filled and exhausted weekend and I'm so glad I did all three races!

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