Small Goals {April 2017}

Hello Spring! Welcome back, I've missed you. The sun is setting late, San Francisco has gotten a tad bit warmer, and I don't feel like my soul is being slowly stripped away getting up at 3am anymore. It's the time change and for some reason makes it so much easier to be at work starting at 4am and going until 5pm.

Also, I'm back from my most amazing two weeks in Japan. We visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya which we did not have any plans to. It just happened and that is a story to be told! March was an amazing month and because of that I had no goals for it. I had one, it was to have fun and oh man did I have such a thrilling time. So with that, I can say I accomplished my goal from March and I am here with my goals for April 2017!

April Goals:

 Exercise - I stopped going to the gym / running just after the Star Wars Marathon when I got sick twice, one right after the other. During that down time it made me realize how much running even if only for 30 mins makes me feel mentally better. I'm tried as all crap when I restart exercising / running but my head space is so much better. I need to get back into that.

 Back to blogging - I was heading out strong this year and than just punched the brakes. For a while I kept asking myself "why am I blogging?" And it does semi mess with you. I blog to keep in touch with folks, I blog to share my experiences, I blog so I can have a record of my adventures. Scrapbooking is great but blogging helps me share these stuff so much more easily and it helps with scrapbooking when you don't remember something for a couple years ago but you have an elecetronic record of it. I'm blogging for myself and I'm writing for myself so I need to stop thinking in negative terms and have fun blogging again.

 Comment on blogs - I am so terrible when it comes to commenting. I read your stuff. I enjoy your entries, your stories, your hard work on that blog, those photos that took you at least 30 tries till you got the right one. I read blogs at work during my down time. Not all of my reading list is blocked but for some of you, whatever commenting platform you use is blocked so I can't comment. I make the mental note to do it when I'm home and I don't get around to it. I want to get better at that.

 Create another video - I had a goal to upload one video back in February and I did! It's so terrible, I have no clue what I'm doing in Movie Maker and I used my cell phone but I am darn proud of it. It was a video for my Star Wars 5K Run at Disneyland which you can check it out here. Like I said, it's all so bad but I worked hard and I want to do another one. Maybe a Tokyo Disneyland / Disney Stores Haul video!

 Unpack from Japan - Something more of a to do item but I really shouldn't let my suitcase sit in the hallway. I have Star Wars Celebration next week and I don't want to come home to two suitcases that need unpacking. I didn't buy a lot while in Japan but I did buy a lot. It makes sense in my head lol

So this is my month!

You ready to conquer your April?!

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