Star Wars Galactic Nights!

One of the things I got to do was attend Star Wars Galactic Nights at Disney's Hollywood Studios while I was in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration.

It was for one night starting at 7pm and running until midnight. I finally got the chance back in 2015 to attend Star Wars weekends before they announced they wouldn't be doing anymore. So when I accidentally discovered Galactic Nights, I bought my ticket.

We arrived at around 6pm to Hollywood Studios and they had a red carpet with photos up and I of course ran over to get my photo taken. I was rocking my Her Universe x Hot Topic Princess Leia dress and my denim vest full of Star Wars pins. The first thing we did was run over to see what exclusive items they were having just for the night. I walked out with a shirt, pin, and a Star Wars 40th magic band. I don't get out to WDW much and Disneyland doesn't do the magic band thing but I had to have it.

After that we got on Star Tours!! In case you missed it during Celebration, they announced they are working on the next Adventure for the ride!! Based on the new to us planet in Star Wars: The Last Jedi! I'm so excited.

One of the fun things you got to do was collect stickers by getting your photo taken at one of the many Star Wars photo booths they had set up. I finished my sticker which was a poster of all the Star Wars films and all the photo opportunities were great. I GOT A PHOTO WITH K-2SO!!

And BB-8 made his first appearance at the park that night!! So if you visit Hollywood Studios, you now get a chance to meet BB-8 at Launch Bay. We also got photos with Darth Vader, Chewie, Kylo Ren, and Boba Fett. Kylo Ren is no longer meet able Disneyland so I had to get a photo with him.

The Rock n Roll Coaster played Star Wars music for that night only but I didn't get on. I've realized that I can barely handle roller coasters at this stage. Also, I wanted more of the photos ops because I was told they weren't out (like K-2SO) and I'm not sure if this event will happen at Disneyland or again because of Star Wars Land.

There were also mini panels happening though out the night with Star Wars Celebrities. I didn't attend them because I had all weekend at Star Wars Celebration so I opted to run around and get all the photos.

The night time show was great too! They had fireworks and projected scenes from the films on the buildings. I believe it was Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular which is an on going show and I've been wanting to see it! Glad they showed it that night!

And because it was a special ticketed event where it was over sold, the lines were great. The rides were under 20 mins and the wait to take photos with characters wasn't bad at all. BB-8 did eventually jump to a 90 min wait but the rest were under 30. And the line for the photo set ups moved so well. Sometimes there would be a group who couldn't figure out how to take their picture but over all it was smooth.

Though I really wish they do make this even an annually thing because it was so well organized and I had such a fun time. After the craziness of Celebration - mainly the line entry - it was a fun Friday night!!

Did you get the chance to attend Star Wars Galactic Nights??

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