Wish List: Star Wars!

In honor of Star Wars Celebration, I made a small list of some fabulous Star Wars items that are on my wish list.

1. Loungefly Star Wars Scribble Art Satchel - Box Lunch

Purses are my weakness and I'm adding so many geek ones to my collection. I'm loving the Star Wars purses Loungefly has been releasing. This scribble satchel is high on my purse want list.


I am so glad Ahsoka merchandise is being released and this magnificent shirt of the fight between her and Darth Vader is the best. Let me say, that fight in Star Wars Rebels made me emotional.

3. The Dark Side Mouse Ears with Custom Bow - Aloha Ear Design

I have discovered 3D printed mouse ears are a thing and Aloha Ear Designs have been making some stunning ones. I ordered their Mermaid Lagoon one and they just released one of three Star Wars designs. The Death Star and Tie Fighter headband is amazing and I can't wait for sales to open up again to grab one.

4. I Rebel Pin - LanternPins

I have a huge pin game going on right now and I just don't care. One can't have too many. They are great to put everywhere and to use to liven up an outfit. This I Rebel pin from LanternPins is on my list to grab (will be at Celebration) and she has two other designs... a I love you / I know set and of course I'm one with the Foce pin and The Force is with Me pin. If you'll be at SWCO, you should pick one up!!

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