Star Wars Celebration Orlando- Saturday & Sunday

I'm back with the rest of my Star Wars Celebration recap! You can read about Thursday and Friday here.


I had a press seat for the Star Wars Rebels panel and I was so excited to be able to attend. Of course getting my wrist band for it was such an undertaking. ReedPOP did not have their act together for this. I had an email that I had to head to a certain floor between these times to pick it up. It was pretty much before the actual con opened. So armed with my badge and email I made my way over and yea, it took almost an hour to get my wrist band. ReedPOP staff wanted me to get into the queue for the con because it didn't open until 10am and I didn't have the proper accreditation. I had my media pass and an email. So some one from ReedPOP walkie someone else from ReedPOP who said the guards wouldn't let me through because again no proper passes. Who had to call someone else to clarify. By this time, it was 30 mins before opening and there was a group of us all with the same emails with instructions on getting our bands.

After not getting anywhere, I exited and made my over to the other side of the con building where look at that, guards let me right on in. As long as my media pass was visible, they allowed me to get to where I needed to go to get my band. These guards almost tackled me after I exited the elevator on the floor I needed to be but I flashed my badge and they let me right through. I almost missed the pick up window but I got it! And by than, the con was already under way so I made my way to the panel.

It was such a thrill to get to attend a Star Wars Rebels panel. I also got to live tweet it for Agents of Geek. (Recap here) I haven't been to one and it was bitter sweet too since they announced this upcoming season is their last one. We also got to see the first episode of the season! But guys, I haven't even seen season three! We don't get Disney XD so I have to wait for them on Blu-ray but man, totally worth being semi spoiled!!

Saturday was also the day for the Ahsoka Lives gathering. It was such a fun and amazing thing to witness. So may fans who love Ahsoka. The cosplay was great as well. I also got a coupon for a free Ahsoka cupcake!

After that I went back to my hotel for some lunch and a nap. It was a long morning and we got back late from Disney's Hollywood Studios. I had another panel that day and it was the Disney Parks panel. They talked about Star Tours and how they created it and announced they are working on the newest adventure to add to it. They also than jumped into talking about Star Wars land which will be opening in 2019. I live tweeted it on the Agents of Geek twitter and guys, I am so flipping excited for it. It's going to be so interactive and the concept art looks amazing. Disneyland is going to get really crowed but I can't wait.

After that panel I did some shopping at the exhibit hall for the rest of the con.


Sunday was the last day of SWCO but I opted to head to the Magic Kingdom for the day! I hardly ever make it to WDW - this is actually my third visit ever - so I took advantage of it! I put together a last minute attempt at a Jack Skillington Disneybound outfit which was just a black and white stripe maxi dress, my Jack mouse ears, and the cutest bat purse I picked up at while in Japan. I was there all day.

I got dropped off to my hotel at around one am and my shuttle was picking me up Monday morning at 3 am so I got no sleep but guys, totally worth it.

This weekend was so much fun! Even though I went by myself, I wasn't alone all the time. Star Wars Celebration 2018 won't be happening but here's to 2019 and that it's in the USA because I'm going to try my hardest to go!!


Star Wars Celebration Orlando - Thursday and Friday

SWCO was one of the most amazing cons I've been to in awhile. This was also my second ever Star Wars Celebration with the first one being Anaheim in 2015. I ended up attending by myself which actually I wrote a post about traveling solo which you read here. Here are I am with my Star Wars Celebration recaps!


I left Wednesday night on a overnight flight to Orlando with a connecting flight in Seattle which was almost missed due to my flight being delayed. I landed at 7am, made my way through Orlando airport, find a shuttle, and got to my hotel!!

I checked in, got changed, had breakfast and made my way over to the convention center. From what I heard, this is one of the biggest convention centers so imagine my shock to see one of the longest lines ever in my convention going experience. It took me almost two hours to get in. TWO HOURS. I ended up taking a tour of the actual outside of the center. Thankfully it was April so Orlando wasn't deadly hot and humid but man, being outside was killer. I made some friends while in line but really, it shouldn't of taken me two hours to get in. And once you actually got into the building, you still had to wait in line for the metal detectors. And there was no line management for them either. I felt so bad for the folks that only had Thursday badges.

I finally got in a little bit after 12pm.

Because I landed Thursday morning and the two hour wait, I wasn't able to attend the Star Wars 40th anniversary panel that morning so I made my way around the con - mainly the exhibit hall. I got to see some awesome set ups like the huge AT-AT, a landspeeder, a snowspeeder, some crazy designed Star Wars theme cars - like the BB-8 bug. I also did some shopping for exclusives since the hall was empty. Folks either were at the 40th panel or sadly stuck outside waiting to get in.

I finally made my way to some panels, mainly those under the Collector Track and it focused on Star Wars collecting. I was interested in the Star Wars Fashion panel and I ended up staying for a few more. There was one about collecting Star Wars food items / packages. Ya, that is a thing. It was all so interesting and reaffirmed, that there is a collector / collection for everything.


I had wanted to attempt the Star Wars : The Last Jedi panel but when I got back to the con after having dinner and changing, I found out the line was already capped at 8pm Thursday so no panel for me. I also had a much smoother entrance this morning because they made a separate line for those with media badges.

Friday was more relaxed and I wasn't here for a full day. I had tickets to Disney's Hollywood Studios Star Wars Galactic Nights and that started at 6pm. I already posted about it which you can check out here.

I met up with Travis who ended up getting me the Rey with Speeder Funko POP figure and we waited in line for the Hallmark / Ashley Eckstein signing. Hallmark was releasing Ahsoka and Sabine Itty Bittys and for Celebration they had 100 available to buy which Ashley signing. So I waited in line for an hour and half for my chance.

After that I had a bit of time to kill before I headed to WDW so I spent the rest of my time photographing things and people around the floor. I had a Media Pass for Agents of Geeks so I got a lot of photos of cosplayers. I wrote up a post already on the site if you want to check it out. There so many impressive costumes. After that it was time to head off to Galactic Nights.

Thursday and Friday were such an amazing day!! I had a lot of fun seeing all the awesome art work, things for sale - god seeing things i had when I was child is just insane and crazy how much a toy from the 80s can cost now. The cosplays were my favorite part of the entire con experience.

I'll back later with my recap for Saturday and Sunday!

May the Force be with You!!


Unearthed from my Closet: Star Wars Day

Star Wars has always been part of my life and even though I go back and forth on it in terms of intensity, it has always been my first fandom. My mother told me that no matter what I was doing, if the Star Wars theme came on I would come running. Star Wars gave me my first kick ass female character. I'm lucky that not only did I get to experience the original films once in theaters granted they were the "special editions," but I've been able to also experience the prequels (I know!) and now the newest batch of films.

For Star Wars day I wore one of my favorite Her Universe items - the lightsaber skirt. Sadly, I've gained a bit of weight so it's painful to wear but I made it through the work day! I ran around the office with it on and I didn't care about the weird looks I got it. I try to be subtle when wearing my fandom on my sleeve at the office but not for Star Wars day.

I love being in this skirt. I love the length. I love the flow. I opted not to wear a petticoat under it this time around but man, I love the poof it gets when I do.

On that note, today is the day Star Wars was released in theaters back in 1977!!

Top: Thirfted
Lightsaber skirt: Her Universe
Star Wars wrap bracelet: Love and Madness (Sold Out)
Star Wars charm bangles: Alex and Ani (Disney Store)
Backpack: Loungefly

Sometimes I get a really cute outtake during my attempts at outfit photos.


Small Goals {May 2017}

I'm currently rocking the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 soundtrack as I'm typing this. Have you had a chance to see the film yet? So good! It's one of my favorite Marvel films as of right now. We have plans to see it more time in theaters!

And with that WELCOME MAY!! I'm bring out my May goals but before I get into that, lets review my small goals for April.

I did NOT do well with this month at all but hey, it happens. I just gotta pick myself up and keep going!

April Goals:

 Exercise - Nope. I never went to the gym, didn't go to the new yoga place, nothing. I walk every day to and from work but that's more of a trying to save money and not buying a monthly bus pass thing

Back to blogging - I'm pretty proud of what I created this month. Thumbs up!!

Comment on blogs - Nope. I tried for a few days but than I'd get home and just do other things.

Create another video - Nope. My apt is a mess and there is no where to film. I need to clean up the apt and than I can think about filming videos. I really still want to do the Tokyo Disney haul!

 Unpack from Japan - I tossed everything out of the suitcase and just tossed it all in the closet.

One goal is better than none. Sometimes I look at these lists and think "are they really goals or just a to-do list" but than I have to remind myself that my to-do lists are just things that I want to do but if I don't, than I don't do them. My goals for me are something I want to accomplish. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It's all fine, I'll try again.

And with that,

May Goals:

 Yoga - I decided this time around to be specific on the health / exercising front and pick Yoga. I really miss it.

Pay off one credit card - The cards are getting lower and lower but this month I want to focus on getting rid of one. I have my budget notes, my calculator, and my trusty pen so I'm gonna sit down and see which one can go!

Purge the dresses - This is something that needs to happen. I've gained a bit of weight and certain dresses I own don't have stretch around the waist. Time for them to go. Gonna list stuff on Mercari and hopefully make some money off of them. A few of them are those Target team ups and with it getting warm now in SF, I'm thinking maybe taking them to say Crossroads Trading or something.

Purge the craft station - The bad thing about being a craft / scrapbooker is the need to keep everything. That scrap of paper, that ticket, that food wrapper (it was an adorable Hello Kitty one from the HK cafe in Tokyo) and guys, my craft space is overflowing. That needs some major purging.

Have you created your small goals for May? How did you do with April? Summer is almost here!!!
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