Small Goals {May 2017}

I'm currently rocking the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 soundtrack as I'm typing this. Have you had a chance to see the film yet? So good! It's one of my favorite Marvel films as of right now. We have plans to see it more time in theaters!

And with that WELCOME MAY!! I'm bring out my May goals but before I get into that, lets review my small goals for April.

I did NOT do well with this month at all but hey, it happens. I just gotta pick myself up and keep going!

April Goals:

 Exercise - Nope. I never went to the gym, didn't go to the new yoga place, nothing. I walk every day to and from work but that's more of a trying to save money and not buying a monthly bus pass thing

Back to blogging - I'm pretty proud of what I created this month. Thumbs up!!

Comment on blogs - Nope. I tried for a few days but than I'd get home and just do other things.

Create another video - Nope. My apt is a mess and there is no where to film. I need to clean up the apt and than I can think about filming videos. I really still want to do the Tokyo Disney haul!

 Unpack from Japan - I tossed everything out of the suitcase and just tossed it all in the closet.

One goal is better than none. Sometimes I look at these lists and think "are they really goals or just a to-do list" but than I have to remind myself that my to-do lists are just things that I want to do but if I don't, than I don't do them. My goals for me are something I want to accomplish. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It's all fine, I'll try again.

And with that,

May Goals:

 Yoga - I decided this time around to be specific on the health / exercising front and pick Yoga. I really miss it.

Pay off one credit card - The cards are getting lower and lower but this month I want to focus on getting rid of one. I have my budget notes, my calculator, and my trusty pen so I'm gonna sit down and see which one can go!

Purge the dresses - This is something that needs to happen. I've gained a bit of weight and certain dresses I own don't have stretch around the waist. Time for them to go. Gonna list stuff on Mercari and hopefully make some money off of them. A few of them are those Target team ups and with it getting warm now in SF, I'm thinking maybe taking them to say Crossroads Trading or something.

Purge the craft station - The bad thing about being a craft / scrapbooker is the need to keep everything. That scrap of paper, that ticket, that food wrapper (it was an adorable Hello Kitty one from the HK cafe in Tokyo) and guys, my craft space is overflowing. That needs some major purging.

Have you created your small goals for May? How did you do with April? Summer is almost here!!!

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