Star Wars Celebration Orlando- Saturday & Sunday

I'm back with the rest of my Star Wars Celebration recap! You can read about Thursday and Friday here.


I had a press seat for the Star Wars Rebels panel and I was so excited to be able to attend. Of course getting my wrist band for it was such an undertaking. ReedPOP did not have their act together for this. I had an email that I had to head to a certain floor between these times to pick it up. It was pretty much before the actual con opened. So armed with my badge and email I made my way over and yea, it took almost an hour to get my wrist band. ReedPOP staff wanted me to get into the queue for the con because it didn't open until 10am and I didn't have the proper accreditation. I had my media pass and an email. So some one from ReedPOP walkie someone else from ReedPOP who said the guards wouldn't let me through because again no proper passes. Who had to call someone else to clarify. By this time, it was 30 mins before opening and there was a group of us all with the same emails with instructions on getting our bands.

After not getting anywhere, I exited and made my over to the other side of the con building where look at that, guards let me right on in. As long as my media pass was visible, they allowed me to get to where I needed to go to get my band. These guards almost tackled me after I exited the elevator on the floor I needed to be but I flashed my badge and they let me right through. I almost missed the pick up window but I got it! And by than, the con was already under way so I made my way to the panel.

It was such a thrill to get to attend a Star Wars Rebels panel. I also got to live tweet it for Agents of Geek. (Recap here) I haven't been to one and it was bitter sweet too since they announced this upcoming season is their last one. We also got to see the first episode of the season! But guys, I haven't even seen season three! We don't get Disney XD so I have to wait for them on Blu-ray but man, totally worth being semi spoiled!!

Saturday was also the day for the Ahsoka Lives gathering. It was such a fun and amazing thing to witness. So may fans who love Ahsoka. The cosplay was great as well. I also got a coupon for a free Ahsoka cupcake!

After that I went back to my hotel for some lunch and a nap. It was a long morning and we got back late from Disney's Hollywood Studios. I had another panel that day and it was the Disney Parks panel. They talked about Star Tours and how they created it and announced they are working on the newest adventure to add to it. They also than jumped into talking about Star Wars land which will be opening in 2019. I live tweeted it on the Agents of Geek twitter and guys, I am so flipping excited for it. It's going to be so interactive and the concept art looks amazing. Disneyland is going to get really crowed but I can't wait.

After that panel I did some shopping at the exhibit hall for the rest of the con.


Sunday was the last day of SWCO but I opted to head to the Magic Kingdom for the day! I hardly ever make it to WDW - this is actually my third visit ever - so I took advantage of it! I put together a last minute attempt at a Jack Skillington Disneybound outfit which was just a black and white stripe maxi dress, my Jack mouse ears, and the cutest bat purse I picked up at while in Japan. I was there all day.

I got dropped off to my hotel at around one am and my shuttle was picking me up Monday morning at 3 am so I got no sleep but guys, totally worth it.

This weekend was so much fun! Even though I went by myself, I wasn't alone all the time. Star Wars Celebration 2018 won't be happening but here's to 2019 and that it's in the USA because I'm going to try my hardest to go!!

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