Star Wars Celebration Orlando - Thursday and Friday

SWCO was one of the most amazing cons I've been to in awhile. This was also my second ever Star Wars Celebration with the first one being Anaheim in 2015. I ended up attending by myself which actually I wrote a post about traveling solo which you read here. Here are I am with my Star Wars Celebration recaps!


I left Wednesday night on a overnight flight to Orlando with a connecting flight in Seattle which was almost missed due to my flight being delayed. I landed at 7am, made my way through Orlando airport, find a shuttle, and got to my hotel!!

I checked in, got changed, had breakfast and made my way over to the convention center. From what I heard, this is one of the biggest convention centers so imagine my shock to see one of the longest lines ever in my convention going experience. It took me almost two hours to get in. TWO HOURS. I ended up taking a tour of the actual outside of the center. Thankfully it was April so Orlando wasn't deadly hot and humid but man, being outside was killer. I made some friends while in line but really, it shouldn't of taken me two hours to get in. And once you actually got into the building, you still had to wait in line for the metal detectors. And there was no line management for them either. I felt so bad for the folks that only had Thursday badges.

I finally got in a little bit after 12pm.

Because I landed Thursday morning and the two hour wait, I wasn't able to attend the Star Wars 40th anniversary panel that morning so I made my way around the con - mainly the exhibit hall. I got to see some awesome set ups like the huge AT-AT, a landspeeder, a snowspeeder, some crazy designed Star Wars theme cars - like the BB-8 bug. I also did some shopping for exclusives since the hall was empty. Folks either were at the 40th panel or sadly stuck outside waiting to get in.

I finally made my way to some panels, mainly those under the Collector Track and it focused on Star Wars collecting. I was interested in the Star Wars Fashion panel and I ended up staying for a few more. There was one about collecting Star Wars food items / packages. Ya, that is a thing. It was all so interesting and reaffirmed, that there is a collector / collection for everything.


I had wanted to attempt the Star Wars : The Last Jedi panel but when I got back to the con after having dinner and changing, I found out the line was already capped at 8pm Thursday so no panel for me. I also had a much smoother entrance this morning because they made a separate line for those with media badges.

Friday was more relaxed and I wasn't here for a full day. I had tickets to Disney's Hollywood Studios Star Wars Galactic Nights and that started at 6pm. I already posted about it which you can check out here.

I met up with Travis who ended up getting me the Rey with Speeder Funko POP figure and we waited in line for the Hallmark / Ashley Eckstein signing. Hallmark was releasing Ahsoka and Sabine Itty Bittys and for Celebration they had 100 available to buy which Ashley signing. So I waited in line for an hour and half for my chance.

After that I had a bit of time to kill before I headed to WDW so I spent the rest of my time photographing things and people around the floor. I had a Media Pass for Agents of Geeks so I got a lot of photos of cosplayers. I wrote up a post already on the site if you want to check it out. There so many impressive costumes. After that it was time to head off to Galactic Nights.

Thursday and Friday were such an amazing day!! I had a lot of fun seeing all the awesome art work, things for sale - god seeing things i had when I was child is just insane and crazy how much a toy from the 80s can cost now. The cosplays were my favorite part of the entire con experience.

I'll back later with my recap for Saturday and Sunday!

May the Force be with You!!

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