Museum of Ice Cream - Sweet Magical Goodness!

Oh my god, I'm so glad I got to hear and get tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream!! They sold out so fast!! I was lucky enough to be able to get tickets for the same day we had our Scum and Villainy Cantina reservation so we would only have to make one trip to Southern California, not that I mind multiple trips but had to make it reasonable right now.

Our entry was at 11am and since our Megabus got in very early, we were able to hit up Chinatown to get some dim sum before making our way over to the Art district. We bought so much dim sum I was afraid I wouldn't have room for ice cream.

That fear was for nothing.

We were taken inside in groups and given a quick explanation of about the museum and what to expect. After that, we took our time going through all the rooms and of course taking massive amounts of pictures and eating ice cream! Jaime is lactose intolerant but he was such a good sport doing this experience with me. It also meant I got double the ice cream. The set up was one way only so they made it clear to experience everything in the room before moving on.

The rooms were so cute and magical.

The first room was all pink with pink phone on the wall. You could pick them up and listen to a recording. I can't tell you what it was about because I was freaking out over the room! All the rooms were so bright and colorful. The ones that had goodies for you to try were of course themed. There was a gummy bear room, a mint room that had mint mochi for us to try, black ice cream which was dairy free so Jaime was able to get the entire thing.

I think we spent a good hour and half inside the museum taking pictures, touching things, sniffing things, and eating lots of yummy items. Sadly tickets are completely sold out. I don't know if they will adding more dates. It's a pop up so maybe they may make a pit stop near you. They were in NYC last year I believe.

I wish I could go back!!

I also created a "vlog" of our visit. It's pretty much clips and music but it was fun to create this and I'm learning a lot. Give it a view please!!

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