Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 took place on April 21-23. I had plans to attend the full weekend but when the chance to attend Star Wars Celebration fell into my lap, I wasn't going to go. My friend wanted to go on Sunday for the Grant Gustin / Tom Felton panel and for a photo with Felton, I told her I would go with her.

None of the panel that day called to me so while she did that, I walked the exhibit hall admiring some art, shopping, and taking photos of cosplays. The one thing I will mention is the space in the exhibit hall. There was room to walk. I never felt like I was hitting someone or being hit. I also didn't need to vanish and escape it because it got overwhelmed. They used up another room as well and it was great.

I only got two items, a Darth Vader and Leia print from Sho Murase and a Leia as a X-Wing pilot from Scott Joseph.

I'd occasionally go and check on my friend since the lines for both actual photo - ops and autograph lines were long. It took her most of the day to do her things but she got to attend the panel, get her photo, and even got a selfie and his autograph.

After that, we left and got a bite to eat.

Overall for the one day I was there, the con was pretty chill and pretty awesome. They boost a lot about science and technology being a big thing and it was. They even had a Space Village right in the middle of the exhibit hall.

Hopefully I'll get to attend the full show next year and not just one day. Enjoy more photos from SVCC 2017!

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