Small Goals {June 2017}

I would love to say that it's nice and warm but San Francisco decided to have rain today with a nice jolt of wind. Oh how I love you my favorite city by the bay.

I had a hard time coming up with goals for June. June is going to be a crazy month both work wise and personal. Also, working two jobs is starting to get to me. Right now I'm fighting from falling asleep as I type this.

It's going to be a long day but before I officially head drop into my key board, let me review my goals from May and see how I did!

May Goals:

  Yoga - I did it!!! I can touch my toes again but I need to work on my strength. I don't have that.

 Pay off one credit card - I actually paid off three of them! I was extremely broke both pay periods but yes!!

 Purge the dresses - I purged half of my dresses. There is a pile that holds the "I love them too much to sell" but they need to go!

 Purge the craft station - I threw away a box of items but those items weren't by my desk. Does that still count?

I'm trying really hard to get my apt back in order. Two geeks / collectors living together, it has gotten overwhelming and I'm losing my mind. So purging everything has been a part of my goals for the last few months. I may tackle this in a post soon but yea, I'm ready to light a match and start over.

And with that horror of a thought, here are my goals for this month!

June Goals:

  Get blog posts for this month written up - I'm still trying to figure out how to do this but I would like to get them ready to go; edited photos and all

 Do something (social media wise) out of my comfort zone - I'm not sure what this means officially but I know when I see it.

 Purge the dresses - I didn't finish this goal but I'm going to re add it again. Those dress that I purged already and listed on Mercari have been selling so I need to keep adding more!!

 I wanted to add purging the action figure / collections but I should finish purging the clothes 100% and get that craft desk done before I start something else. Also, selling toys even for mere dollars is a lot harder.

Here's to my goals and yours!! May we completed them all this month!

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