Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. Now the world is ready for you...

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? I am in love with this film. I saw it last Saturday and I cried. I cried when the credits started. I cried when I saw the Amazon women fighting / training. I cried during No Man's Land. I cried as she stood proud and tall.

I cried.

Wonder Woman did have a few parts here and there where I didn't like but I expect that from every film but this was finally a wonderful Superhero film. BvsS, Suicide Squad, & Man of Steel were so terrible though I give props to the Suicide Squad trailers team. You got me to drop 6 bucks. And after the Black Widow story in Age of Ultron, I was so tired of Superhero film. (Doctor Strange and Iron Fist are a whole can of worms that I won't even get into)  There is also Gamora and Wasp but we never saw Wasp in costume and both of those ladies are just a narrative in a man's story.

This is the women lead superhero film I have been waiting for my entire life. This is the story I've been wanting everytime I hear one of my favorite female characters get annouced / introduced into the films. I get teary eye just thinking about the younger generation and the future generation that get to see this film. Grow up with this film. They get to discover this film. I'm tired of seeing all the Batman and Superman reboots, revamps, and "hey it bombed but let's keep going" films. I only had (Lynda Carter) TV Wonder Woman and now I have this film.

I hope with the amount of money this film made opening weekend and how there is such a need and want for women Superheros, there will be more in the works and we don't have to wait another decade or more. I know Captain Marvel is coming from Marvel but that film has been pushed back and I hope that isn't the next major one we see in 2019-2020. We need more before than.

I want it on Blu-ray now. Can I get a digital copy of the film right now so I can watch it on my phone during my work breaks? And speaking of wanting the film now, I also created a list of some of my favorite Wonder Woman items out there right now. I know the lack of marketing and merchandise announcement was well, lacking but now that the film is out a lot has been popping up on my radar!

DC Comics Wonder Woman White Mini Handbag - I'm all about nice, geeky handbags and this white Wonder Woman handbag over at BoxLunch Gifts is the cutest. Though, it being white and my luck it's gonna get dirty

WONDER WOMAN X LOVE AND MADNESS - WONDER WOMAN MADNESS WRAP - Love and Madness creates the most amazing jewelry and their wrap bracelets are no joke. You know how much I love my Star Wars one so I was estatic when they annouced they were creating one for Wonder Woman fans. It comes in three colors and I want the red one!

Wonder Woman Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys - I own a few Hot Toys sixth scale figures and the attention to details is out of this world. They released both Wonder Woman in her main outfit and her training armor outfit. They are on the expensive side but totally worth it. Sideshow Collectibles sells them and even offers a payment plan and reward points!

Wonder Woman LIPSTICK-Amazonian Red - Walgreens came out with another Wonder Woman collection just in time for the film! I was wondering why no one was releasing a collection to tie in with one of the biggest film releases ever. Star Wars got a collection with CoverGirl and it wasn't even new or in theme colors. This collection offers lipgloss, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and a make up bag with brushes.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Dinnerware Set - BoxLunch Exclusive - I'm all about fandom-fing my home and this dinnerware set is simple yet elegant with that gold design.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Ombre Skirt - Part of the Her Universe x Hot Topic release and designed by the winners of last years Her Universe fashion show, the ombre skirt is my favorite piece of this collection. Sadly it's pretty much sold out everywhere so I'm waiting for a restock!

Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film - I'm all about art / making of film books and there is one for Wonder Woman. These books are really cool and add an extra element when it comes to film you really love. From the example pages it includes concept art, costume details and drawing, and more. The costume pages are perfect for those cosplayers!

Wonder Woman (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack) - And of course, Amazon has the film already available for pre-order!!

I really can't wait to see it again!!!

Disclaimer: A few of these links are affiliate links and if you click and buy, I'll get a kick back in form of cash or credits. It costs nothing extra for you and it helps me out! 

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