San Diego Comic Con: Still be Part of the Fun!

San Diego Comic Con starts today and if you're like me, not being there feels like it sucks. It happens though and even though it seems like everyone else is going to be having fun, getting to see and do all the cool things, there are still ways for us to to stay connected to all the actions coming out of SDCC.

1. #SDCC - You can search the hash tag on pretty much any social media and you'll get real time news, photos, announcements, anything and everything.

2. News Site - Now if searching through the hashtag is not you're thing, your go to geek news site will probably be there and writing up all the posts. You can also set it so twitter can send you notifications to your phone via text message.

3. Trailers - Movies and TV will offer up trailers or BTS as a thank you to the fans and some of them will throw up the trailer after. The Walking Dead has done it almost every SDCC visit. Now not everyone will and sometimes a leak will pop up but I leave that to you to decide if you will watch it.

4.  All the EXCLUSIVES!! - Keep an eye out because a lot of places will put their exclusives online during or after the show. Funko just shared their list of which items will be where. In past years Hasbro and Mattel have put up their exclusives online at a later date. Hasbro doesn't announce it, it just goes up! Some folks will announce of they have left over a, they will sell them. Just keep that ear to the floor.

5. Wear your Geek on your Sleeve - Wear your geek clothing. If you had outfit ideas for each day the con, you should still do it!! Of course make sure it's all work appropriate but wear that Serenity shirt, that Star Wars dress, that Big Hero 6 Hat!

6. Get together with Friends - Is your entire squad home this year instead of at San Diego? Make plans to get together and freak out over those dropped trailers or the new movie announcements. Grab a bit to eat and talk about the newest comic news. Hang out and play some tabletop games, have a movie marathon, or help each other out ordering those Funko exclusives!

And if you're local to San Diego or near enough to get down there, you don't even need a badge! There are so many fun off site events that don't require it.

These are some ways for you to feel like you're still apart of the fun no matter where you're at!

What are some of the things you'll be doing to be part of the SDCC fun while at home?

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