Small Goals {July 2017}

Aw July... you came at me full force. It is SDCC and D23 Expo month. There is no rest for the wicked.

Okay, I'm not going to SDCC or D23 Expo this year because of adulting. It was a tough choice but I'm doing so good in paying my credit cards off and if I did both of these trips, I'd be back at square one. Hotel rooms are not cheap during SDCC and adding that 2017 is the year for D23, it wasn't happening. I'm feeling the effects of missing out but thank goodness for social media. I know I won't be missing any news.

Can we also chat about what happened with Photobucket and in the internet? In the last week or so Photobucket decided to change their TOS and are no longer allowing linking to 3rd party sites for free. They are charging a fee of $400 a year. They are still charging for storing photos and to go ad free but they added the linking to 3rd party.

With no notices to anyone, they changed photos to show their add asking the user to log into their account and accepting their newest terms. The internet fell apart. Ebay, forums, Amazon, bloggers all using Photobucket to host their photos and it was gone. I came over to post an entry about my Comic Con Essentials (post coming soon) and that's when I saw the ugliness all over my blog.

That was a wake up call.

I discovered photobucket when I still using LiveJournal. I started using them to host my photos, I used them to host my banners, sigs, and avatars on all the forums I was on. After I made the move to blogger, I kept using them. I used them to save money on ebay fees when I needed to add more photos to my auctions. Selling collectibles, you really need to show it from every angle. And it wasn't just me... you could do a search on twitter and see how many folks used them. A lot of folks paid to go ad free their ads would make the site lag so much and you couldn't do much because you run the risk of clicking on a ad. A ad that had nothing to do with / for me. A lot of folks paid them to up their storage limit.

So with no notice, folks were left to scramble and were mad. $400 is a lot of money to pay for hosting when their are cheaper options out there. If the price was a LOT lower, I probably would of done it. But that price doesn't even include going ad free.

Even if it was a reasonable price, I probably would of still said good bye because of the way they handled this change. No notice at all. I spent Saturday night downloading all my photos, gifs, and what not and deleted my account.

This also served as a lesson to back everything up. I realized after this event that I did not have any of my blog photos on my external.

So with that note, I have broken up my Small Goals for July between Blog and Personal. Fixing my blog is going to be a challenge and will take some time.

It is what it is.

July Goals


1. Clean up seven posts - By clean up I mean either delete them or re edit them. This blog has been going for four years and a few of these posts are out dated or just don't fall with my niche anymore.

2. Add photos to four posts - I'm going to realistic and go with with 4 posts. Having to upload and re add the photos is going to be a long process.

3. New blog layout - Might as well get the blog layout I bought from Etsy up and running!


1. Purge craft station - This was on a past goals post but ti didn't happen because I was still working on purging the dresses. I have since completed that so on with the craft station!

2. Clean out emails - I took a break from writing over at Agents of Geek and my email has decided to blow up. I really need to clean it out. I've missed a few important ones.

3. Start training for the Super Heroes Half - I'm not running the half but I am doing both the 5 and 10Ks. It is time to start training!

Here we go July!!! Lets see what I get accomplished!! How about you? How's your July goals so far?!

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