If you haven't heard, Photobucket changed their TOS and now require users to pay $400 a year to be able to link their photos from photobucket to a 3rd party.

In my case the 3rd party is my blog so now I have all these ugly photobucket photos telling me to click over and read the update. I went in d/l all my photos and have currently asked to have my account officially deleted. $400 is A LOT to pay to host my photos. Their are cheaper options so I'm not going to do it.

With that being said, I had changed my blog to private while I decide what to do but when I realized no matter what I decide, it will be a huge under taking. As I work two jobs and spend more time sleeping, it will take forever to fix this blog and I can't keep it on private for that long.

I also refuse to let four years of blogging go down the drain.

So here I am back with the ugly photobucket photos. I'm going to be updating as usually while working on fixing past posts.

I'll probably take this chance to clean up some. I'm actually thinking of just rescuing my outfits, Disney Parks, & Convention posts and letting everything else go. I don't know yet. Will probably fix the tags as well. I feel like I have too many.

All I know is this is going to take a while.

I guess I have small goals for July.

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