What I bring with me: Comic Con Essentials!

It's that time of the year!! San Diego Comic Con is here and so is D23 Expo. They are both within a week of each other and if you are going to both, it's going to be a crazy, fun time.

Sadly, I won't be going to SDCC or D23 Expo. I know I'm going to be having the FOMO effects but I gotta adult and adulting was telling me that I couldn't afford any of the hotel costs. Either way, I wanted to share my list of Comic Con Essentials because it doesn't matter if you're going to a huge event like SDCC or a smaller local con, I find myself always needing these essential items.

1. Backpack: I tend to go for a backpack when I'm attending a con. Using a tote bag isn't the best because eventually it gets really heavy and your one shoulder will be hurting you. A backpack keeps the weight on both shoulders, some will have amazing padding, and will most likely be adjustable in length.

2. Camera: I know most all cell phones have camera functions but trust me, you will drain that battery so fast . Bring a camera with you so you can be get some great photos and save your phone battery for checking social media or getting a drive by selfie with a celeb.

3. Sharpies: Bring different colors as well. In autograph lines, they will have them but if you are getting something specific signed and it's a dark color, the basic black won't work. Silver and gold are great options. Also, having a sharpie on hand is great when you run into a celebrity.

3. Snacks / Water bottle: You will be waiting in lines and at con food is expensive. Having some snacks is essential in surviving. And water!! Don't really on sugar drinks to keep you hydrated. Water is your best friend. Bring a reusable water and fill up at the water fountain.

4. Charging devices: You know how I mentioned above about battery? Bring a couple of charging devices. I always have three on hand. You'll be texting, on the phone, receiving notifications from twitter, facebook, instagram, emails about local happening and deals. You will go through that battery fast. Don't be left out in the dust at 3am when someone awesome walks the Hall H line and you find out your phone is at 7% and the flash won't work because of it.

Another note: Bring an outlet plug too! If you have some down time and come across an outlet, use that and save the charging devices for you really need it.

5. Light jacket: San Diego could be in the 100's but when you walk inside you will be hit with the AC and after a few hours of standing in one spot trying to get that exclusive, you will get cold. I do and I always recommend bringing a light jacket. One that can easily fold up and put into your backpack!

6. Sunscreen: Speaking of 100 degrees BRING AND WEAR SUNSCREEN!! This is no joke everyone. Please wear sunscreen. Protect your skin. Even if you're just crossing the street, the sun rays are harsh.

7. CASH: Not all vendors take credit cards and of course reception can get spotty so have that paper ready. And don't rely on ATMs. So many people and it will run out of money!

Also, you may be able to haggle for less if you have cash! Especially on the last day of the con.

8. Make up bag / Pouch: A small pouch / make up bag can come in handy to hold the little items. This way you're not having to dump your entire bag out. Some of the things I put into my small pouch can include:

  • Hand Sanitizer - sometimes you just can't wash your hands
  • Sunscreen - I have a small travel one that I use on my face especially my nose
  • Business cards - Network and get your information out there. 
  • USB cable - I have a small cable one that I keep in here 
  • Hair ties - I have really long hair and sometimes I need to toss it up
  • Lotion - Travel sized ones are perfect and you will have dry hands through out the day
  • Bandaids - You will get papercuts handling those posters, flyers, and what not. Have them handy!
  • Tissue - I always find myself reaching for tissue. Too much sanitizer and you gotta wipe it off.
  • Pain killers - Alleve is my best friend at cons. Your feet will hurt. You'll get headaches. You don't want to be in pain during the con especially if you dropped a lot for your ticket. Enjoy the day!
This item is a top essential and that's a poster tube. You will be handed some many free posters and you will buy a lot of art. Poster tubes are a life saver. Just be considerate if you bring it with you to the actual con. Don't hit folks with it. 

What are some essentials that you have to have with you will enjoying Comic Con? Something on your list that you think I should know about? Let me know in the comments below!

For those going to SDCC, D23 Expo or both - May you have a grand time!! I'll be following you fine folks on social media and living through your posts. 

Disclaimer: I linked to different products from Amazon and if you buy any of them or anything once you clicked on a link, I will get a kick back. This costs nothing to you and it helps me towards my bills. 

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