FUNKO HQ Store Visit

We got to attend PAX West this year and it is located in Seattle, WA. You know what else is located in Washington?

The new Funko store!

Funko HQ store opened in mid-August and is located in Everett, WA. I’m a two hour flight away but there was no way I was going to be able to handle the crowds during grand opening.  We had added an extra day at the beginning and end of PAX so we decided to figure out how to make our way to Funko HQ on Tuesday!

For those wondering how you can get to Everett, WA from Seattle without a car, it was very simple. You can catch the bus 512 over on 4th and Pike and get off at 34th and Broadway in Everett. It was about an hour bus ride with only 10 stops. The cost was $5.50.

Once you get off the bus, Google Maps said it was about a 16 minute walk but it didn’t feel that way. On the way we passed a comic shop and a doughnut shop that had delicious cookies. It’s all on the way.

So we left at about 1030am and get there a bit before Noon. The store is opened Tuesday – Friday at 11am. They are also open on weekends. 

The store was out of this world. You can see it from the streets! They had POP statues on the side of the building, the window displays were great, all themed around a property and filled with merchandise but once I walked inside I was blown away. They had a Harry Potter section, an Anime / animation section, DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, and of course Star Wars! They took POPs and Dorbz and made them life size / huge. It was so cute!!

I felt like I was at an amusement park minus the rides!

I tried my best not to buy all the POPs I was missing. I did do some damage but it wasn’t terrible at all. I picked up a horror movie POP I haven’t been able to find, a Leia shirt, and some Horror Pint Size blind bags!

I also figured maybe I can answer a few questions about the store!

Is it open to the public?
           Yes it is! They are closed Mondays but otherwise they are open unless something is happening.

I don’t drive / don’t want to rent a car how do I get there?
     Like I mentioned above from Seattle to Everett you can catch the 512 and walk once you get off at the stop. Google MAPS is your friend.

Did they have any exclusives?
     Yes and no. During opening weekend they had specific to the store POPs. When I was there they only had POPs they have been releasing on their online store.  They do have a collection of original characters, Wetmore Forest that you can pick up there.

How was their selection?
     It was pretty good BUT I didn’t find any chases/exclusives. I believe that unless you’re from the area and visit a lot, you won’t find any. I did pick up a POP that I haven’t been able to find locally though!

Were there any vaulted or store (Target, Wal-Mart etc) exclusive figures there?
     No. Everything was current / non-vaulted commons. When I walked into the Star Wars section they had the current ROGUE ONE releases, a few Star Wars (Yoda, Leia, Boba Fett,) second wave of The Force Awakens and of course a ton of the Last Jedi! There was no Target Porg or Wal-Mart General Leia abound.

Is it all just POP figures?
      Nope! They also had their shirts, pens,  Dorbz, VYNL, Rock Candy, and more. They also had non Funko items like purses from Loungefly!
(I just found out that Funko bought Loungefly so there is that!)

Can you take all the photos?
      Yes you can!! I took so many photos and we posed with everything we could!

I keep seeing you can make your own POP figures, is it true?
       They had a station set up for making your own POP figures but as of my visit it still wasn’t up and running. I hope to swing by once it is!
That’s all I can think of at the moment. Of course things can change later and this is all from my visit at the beginning of Sept. 

I had a great time running around taking photos and seeing the creations. If you are a fan of Funko and are in the area, absolutely visit! If you’re only going for exclusives, I’d wait till they announce something because when I showed up they were completely sold out of the grand opening ones.

I also created a video of my visit including me opening the Horror Pint Size blind bags! Did I get the ones I wanted? Watch and find out!

Have you gone to Funko HQ yet? What are your thoughts on it? Do you plan to visit? Do you think it’s overkill?

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