Small Goals {October 2017}

This is Halloween!!!

It is October and not only is it my favorite month, my favorite holiday is just around the corner...

Who am I kidding, I celebrate Halloween all month long.

And with all that, I'm here with my small goals for October!! It has also come to my attention after doing these for a year that Small Goals became a thing thanks to Writes like A Girl. Be sure to check out her blog for her small goals and more!

Let me review my goals from September.

September Goals:

1. Pay off one credit card in full - Paid off a few since I had a couple with low balances!! I didn't have much of a paycheck all month but it was great to pay things off!

2. Purge the accessories/jewelry - I started going through it but man, I didn't realize how much I had. 

Side note: If you would like random jewelry items to recycle into other necklace and what not, hit me up. I'll ship stuff to you free of charge!

3. Complete one vlog - I got my FUNKO HQ Store visit completed and up! You can view the video here!

4. Enjoy my cruise - I enjoyed it so much that I'm ready to plan my next cruise! I mean, it won't be for a while and I really want to go on the Star Wars cruise. 

October Goals:

1. Clean the Bathroom - Adulting is so hard! I have so many expired make up items and bottles of samples from when Influcenster use to send me things to try. I also have a ton of different medications sitting in the cabinets when I was going to different doctors to get a handle on my anxiety. I really need to inventory and destroy some meds so cleaning the bathroom is something that needs to happen. 

2. Create two videos for youtube - I'm finally upping my game and I'm going to aim for two videos this month.

3. No clothes spend - Even though I've been purging my clothes and making space, I've been buying a bit too much. September took a turn for the worse because of the cruise. So no spend October it is!

4. Get 100 followers on my Disneyland Instagram - I have two instagrams - my personal and my Disney one. I'm at about 76 followers so I'm going to aim for 100 by the end of October. I'll probably do a giveaway as well. So if you love all things Disney and want to keep with my Disney adventures please follow my Insta - GladysenDisneylandia!

I hope you are ready for Halloween and may your adventures bring you lots of spooks and candy! I'm actually heading to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights this weekend. I can't wait!

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