Summer Corgi Con 2017

The one thing I love about the San Francisco/Bay Area is that you can find a con for almost anything.

Corgi Con is a thing.

You read that correctly.


A convention about Corgi's.

It's held twice a year - summer and fall - over at Ocean Beach. This year was my second visit and it's gotten bigger. There were vendors that sold Corgi related items for both corgis and their loveable humans. There were Corgi pillows, Corgi Mouse ears, jewelry, clothing, accessories and so much more. A lot of it was all small business folks and it was great to see everything. I stayed strong and just picked up an official Corgi Con sweater.

The costume contest and races were held again and I had such a fun time watching all the cuteness.

But the main reason we went was to see all the Corgis!! Humans with non Corgis are welcomed and I had such a fun time watching them run around. Some of them were in costume too which made it even better and oh so much cuter. Jaime and both love Corgi's but with Jaime's allergies we can't have one. 

We can't have any fur animals at all. It makes us both sad. 

I took so many photos, I got to pet so many puppies (Thank you to the owners!), and since it was also a rare sunny day in San Francisco (at the time) it was good for my soul.

Corgi Con is holding their Fall event at Ocean Beach on Saturday, October 21 and the theme is Super Heroes!

Enjoy the photos and I also created a video! Watch some Corgis play on the beach and hear us squee!

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