Unearthed from My Closet: I Want to Be Where The People Are

One of the events that happened on the Disney Cruise was Mickey’s Mouse-querade party! It was the chance for everyone to dress up, go around the ship trick or treating, and getting photos with Disney characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes!

I originally planned to transform into Alice from Alice in Wonderland but I had to change plans at the last minute and put something else together for the party.

I lived my dreams of being a land mermaid. I ended up going as Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. It was such a simple and comfortable costume. Even though it was all from store bought items, people knew who I was. The best part was seeing little kids recognize the costume! Some would even yell out “Ariel!” It was adorable!

I had such a fun time running around the ship collecting candy I felt so adorable and cute in this costume. I love that this skirt was so flowy that I was able to twirl in it. There is something about being able to spin in a skirt and just watch it dance around with you.

I want to give a shout out to glitzygeekgirl.com! She actually posted a tutorial on how she put together her Ariel costume and I was able to use the same bases to put together one for myself at the last minute. All the pieces came from Amazon with the exception of the bow so I searched for items that worked for me and were shipped through Prime.

If you need some costume ideas, be sure to check her site out!

Wig, Shirt, Corset, & Skirt: Amazon
Bow: Etsy
Shoes: Target

I also wore the costume to Disneyland during their Halloween party and that was such a fun time. Again, little kids knew who I was, running through the park collecting candy, being called Ariel, and getting on the rides!! Oh and QueenElizabethAprons created the Ariel bow and it stood the test of time! I got on Space Mountain forgetting I had it on and it stayed in place!

I love dressing up and I’ll do it any chance I can get may it be for a con, Halloween, a race, whatever. It’s a fun outlet to create something and dress up. Also, you don’t have to create anything from scratch or know how to sew! I mean, this entire outfit was bought on Amazon!

Have you gone to any of the Disney Parks Halloween parties yet? Did you collect a ton of candy?! I have so much! I’ll be bringing some to the office and giving away on Halloween!

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