Disney California Adventures: Summer of Heroes!

I had this written up back in August when I went but got really lazy. So in honor of THOR: Ragnarok and the Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend, Here's my post on my visit to DCA: Summer of heroes! 

The opening of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout turned out to be a huge deal for the park. I like Disney California but I don’t make a point to visit it unless I have more than 2 days or I’m officially blacked out of Disneyland. I believe Summer of Heroes was a thing to help elevate the crowds in Disneyland and get folks over to DCA.

It worked on my end because as I mentioned above, we  also avoid Disney in summer and I wanted to visit! Summer of Heroes is ending September 10th so by the time this post goes live, it will be over.  We headed over for two days at the end of August so I could get my photos with characters and Jaime could ride the new Guardians ride.

No matter what anyone says you are never too old to take photos with characters. If you want a photo, you get that photo!

One of the things they offered was Avengers Training Initiative, a show for kids to train with Black Widow, Hawkeye, and a few SHIELD agents to become part of the Avengers team. If you’ve watched Jedi Training Academy, it’s pretty much the same thing. There is a story included just like Jedi Training and it was really cute to watch. The kids also got to throw shields at the machine they were required to destroy and I want to throw a shield.

There was also a Super Hero personality test. I’m not 100% sure what it was since we didn’t get in line for it. I’m assuming it’s a fancier version of a Buzzfeed quiz of which super hero are you. They were giving out stickers and a comic for trying it out. I would have wanted in the long line but really, I have no room for a comic and I would have ruined it anyways.  I could have taken the sticker for my scrapbook though.

Star-Lord and Gamora made appearances throughout the day but only for the Awesome Dance Off show. They didn’t do meet and greets. The dance off show was fun and worth watching. Peter and Gamora are trying to escape, Rocket is yelling at them, Peter plays some tunes on his boombox, gets the kids to dance while trying to flirt with Gamora.

It was fun watching the little kids join in and seeing them all have a dance battle to save the world and I of course loved hearing the songs that played. When the show is over, Groot comes out and you can get a photo with him. Black Widow and Hawkeye made random appearance as well. I happened to walk by when Black Widow was arriving in her armored vehicle.  I had to ask when Hawkeye would show up and I got a photo with him as well.

Captain America and Spider-man were there as well but I skipped them since they are always at the park.

And there was Super Hero theme food as well because what would be a Disney Park even without theme food.

They were also selling a Baby Groot sipper cup and of course I got one for my crazy Disney sipper cups collection. There was also the infamous and instagramable Groot bread which I did not buy to eat or photograph.

Bad Disney fan.

There was the Cosmic Canteen which has the name says, a canteen for different kinds of drink both with and without . I didn’t get any since I already had my Baby Groot sipper filled with sweet tea. There were color doughnuts being sold that were Hulk and Spider-man theme but they were already sold out by the time I got there.  Oh well.

We grabbed some actual food over at Knowhere Eats and we really loved the food there! I ordered the Obviously Nachos which were loaded chicken nachos. They were spicy and had a kick to them. So yummy, I was tempted to get another order. Jaime got the Most Dangerous Tacos in the Galaxy which was barbacoa beef tacos. He did mention the meat was a bit chewy but nothing that he wouldn’t eat again.

My favorite spot though was the Bifrosties which is pretty much shave ice. My favorite was the Spinal Fluid. I know the name can be off putting but oh my god it was ridiculously delicious and what I needed on this obnoxisly warm day! It’s a banana-mango shave ice with tajin on top. It was amazing and I want more right now as I’m writing about it.

Jaime and his cousin who came along got to ride Gaurdians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. I did not. I'm not a fan of drop rides. I need to work up to getting on them and I just couldn't this trip. I did the walk through with them and the inside is set up like the Collector's warehouse. It's really cool. They have items from the films (not sure if they are official props or not) and Cosmo the dog even moves. One of the neat things they included was the original Abominable Snowman from the Matterhorn Bobsled ride. He's in the room right before you load into the elevators. You gotta look up.

Overall, Summer of Heroes was a fun event. My main reason to go was to get photos with characters who hardly make an appearance. This was Groot’s first time in the parks but Black Widow and Hawkeye have only been seen during the Super Hero Half Marathon. This could be a thing and I’m assuming it will be since it looks like that back half of the lot may become Marvel Land according to Disneyland rumors.

Of course, I tried my hand at vlogging this trip!! Here's the video! I took a lot of video while in line for GoTG Mission Breakout.

Did you get the chance to hang out with the super heroes this summer?

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