Small Goals {November 2017}

Oh hey there November! Where did you come from? Shoo I'm not ready for Christmas yet. 

It wasn't even Halloween yet and stores already had Christmas decor up for sale. Granted, I do need a new Christmas tree but can we wait a bit? Starbucks starts their Holiday season today which also means random Christmas music. 

I love Christmas but can we get through Thanksgiving first?

Oh man, this post sounds like I'm whining about the holidays. I love them, I really do. I'm just sick and stuck at work. When I get the flu, I turn into a 5 year old. I probably should stop and get to the goals!

October Goals:

1. Clean the Bathroom - Done and Done!!

2. Create two videos for youtube - I only got one up. But hey, 1 is better than nothing!

3. No clothes spend - I failed towards the end. I bought a couple of shirts on Wish.

4. Get 100 followers on my Disneyland Instagram - I was close and somewhere along the way I lost about 5-6 followers. I'm not sure what happened.

One out of four. It happens. I just gotta keep going no matter what!
With that, here is my small goals for November 2017!

November Goals:

1. Clean the Kitchen- My kitchen in the last few months have turned into a storage unit and well, that needs to stop. Also cleaning the kitchen is needed because of my second goal for the month. 

2. Meal Plan - We eat out all the time. I did the math for all of October and it was bad. So starting today, I'm going to make an inventory of what we currently have and try to cook at home every day. Also, I'm going to buy just what we need and buy just the generic stuff. No brand name items. Because paying 5 bucks for a jar of meat sauce from Prego when Target sells the same at a dollar.

3. Drink More Water - Drinking water is always a battle with me. I have cut out Coke which let me tell you, it was hard. I had to do it cold turkey and the withdraw was tough. I didn't know that could happen. Anyways so I've been drinking water and tea but somewhere along the way I discovered Arizona Sweet Tea and water has fallen to the side. Gotta get that water intake back!

4. Christmas Shopping - I'm on a mission to get my list done and completed by the end of this month. I think a few things I can wait for the massive Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales (all online though). I don't want to be shopping into December. I refuse. 

Alright November, Let's do this!!

Do you have your small goals for November ready?! 

It has come to my attention after doing these for a year that Small Goals became a thing thanks to Writes like A Girl. Be sure to check out her blog for her small goals and more!

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