Museum of Ice Cream: San Francisco Edition

I love Ice Cream so when I first heard about the Museum of Ice Cream in LA, I made a trip over there for the day.

You can read about that adventure here.

It was a fun and instagramable set up. If it wasn't in LA and sold out I probably would of gone again. A few months after that I saw the announcement that they were making their way up to San Francisco. I was very tempted to try and get tickets.

It took a few tries and I finally got a ticket. I was going by myself this time. The tickets were a little more than the LA location and to have Jaime come, who can't eat any of the Ice Cream why would I make him pay so I went alone.

Nothing wrong with going alone to events. Of course it turned out a few friends had tickets for the same day and time so I got to walk through the Museum with them.

The building was an old retail space that has been empty for a minute so it made for a larger Ice Cream exhibit than the one in LA. It was completely different in set up but they did bring a few ideas over such as the swings and of course the Sprinkle Pool.

I came back for the Sprinkle Pool, lets be honest.

They had its-its ice cream, mochi ice cream, and non ice cream items such as cotton candy and pop rocks. The museum was very, very pink. My favorite room was the Gummi Bears or as I've been calling it Gummi Land. It was very cute and colorful. They also had a music room which just had shiny records on the wall and a lovely jukebox. You could walk over and select music so it totally worked.

I want a jukebox.

Out of both experiences I loved the one in San Francisco a lot more and I'm not just saying that because I live here. I did love both places though.

They are currently doing doing a winter flash sale for tickets to both LA and SF so give it a shot if you've been wanting to check it out and I heard they are setting one up in Miami.

And of course, I have a vlog of this adventure! Please check it out and sub to the channel! I'm thinking of more videos to do besides of just my adventures.

Have you been to the Museum of Ice Cream? Would you go if given the chance?

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